What’s the Best Construction Safety Helmet in 2022?

April 13th, 2022

SHK-1 Vented is one of the most innovative construction safety helmets in 2022. It is built to withstand industry-grade impact and Studson decided to give it all in this helmet. The safety helmet combines the engineering of gravity sports into the construction for optimum safety.

What Makes SHK-1 Vented Stand Out

SHK-1 Vented carries forward the hard-hat concept popular in the construction industry. Yet, it takes the proven concept many steps further with integrated safety engineering.

Along with that, the helmet has many unique design elements that make it one of the safest. For example, SHK-1 comes with Koroyd's welded tubes. Koroyd helps the helmet absorb forces in an impact better than a traditional hard hat.

  • The mechanism protects your skull from angled impacts.
  • SHK-1 has more safety features like an EPS liner and a tough ABS shell. 
  • It’s robust enough to partly protect against falling objects.
  • In addition, the construction safety helmet has extra padding to reduce rotational forces.

SHK-1 also incorporates safety features provided by twICEme® to facilitate rescue. It has an inbuilt chip that stores personal identification and medical information about the wearer, which is stored locally into the equipment and can be accessed by coworkers or rescue personnel at the site. 

If anyone is injured and needs medical aid, twICEme® can provide the right information about the person at the right time, which can streamline a rescue operation.

Additional Perks of SHK-1 Vented

Countless factors may make SHK-1 a worthy choice. It is tough and protects your head more than classical hard hat helmets.

Additionally, you get protection for your ears and eyes. The helmet is designed to ward off rain and sun and keep your hair dry and head cool. This is partly because of the design and partly from the Koroyd tubes.

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