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Head Protection Manufacturer STUDSON Joins ISEA

October 20th, 2021

October 20, 2021 (Arlington, VA) – The International Safety Equipment Association welcomes new member STUDSON, Inc., an American manufacturer of head protection for the industrial trades. STUDSON joins ISEA as a general member in the Eye and Face Protection, Head Protection, and Hearing Protection product groups.

“We are happy to have STUDSON at ISEA,” said ISEA President Charles Johnson. “This new head protection manufacturer combines innovative materials and progressive design to deliver a product to help in a multitude of potential construction accidents.”

 STUDSON was founded in 2019 when passion for safety intersected between gravity sports and industrial protection. Barnes spent much of his career in the snow and outdoor industry and felt the need to deliver the same level of safety and protection offered in gravity sports to construction workers.

STUDSON President Ryan Barnes commented, “As a new innovative brand working to raise the bar for industrial head protection, we at STUDSON are excited to become an ISEA member. United with the greater safety equipment industry, we want to help shape the future and have a hand in driving new innovations that will keep our men and women who are building our country safe and get them home to their loved ones every day.”

About ISEA
The International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA) is the trade association for personal protective equipment and technologies. Its member companies, united in the goal of protecting the health and safety of workers worldwide, are global leaders in the design, manufacture, testing, and distribution of personal protective equipment (PPE), which protects more than 111 million workers across the U.S. Since 1933, ISEA has been a recognized leader in the development of ANSI-accredited safety equipment standards, in the United States and around the world. ISEA works with Congress and government agencies to consult with policymakers whose decisions affect the industry. 

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