We took our industrial helmets to the next level with integrated technology and gravity-sports level protection. Each technological addition provides a different type of protection so you can work confidently with a peace of mind.

absorb the impact, redistribute the force.

Koroyd’s welded tubes rapidly and consistently collapse upon impact, effectively absorbing the maximum force in a controlled manner. This process minimizes the energy transferred to your head, offering unique protection that shields your skull and brain from both direct and angled impacts. This innovation significantly reduces the risk of sustaining life-altering injuries.

Illustration of KOROYD inside a safety helmet.
Illustration of impact distribution inside a safety helmet.

Initial impact is absorbed and redirected away from localized impact zones, limiting harmful force to the head in order to reduce the risk of injury.

Illustration of TWICEME inside a safety helmet.

the support you need WHEN SECONDs matter

Each STUDSON helmet is integrated with twICEme, which locally stores safety information such as medical info, ICE contacts, personal identifiers, insurance info, and gives you access to exact coordinates.

Safety information is made available to people around you by a tap of a smartphone in the event of an emergency.

With a quick tap of a smartphone, first responders at an accident scene immediately access vital information, ensuring informed decision-making.

Illustration of a helmet buckle.

intuitive fastening

Thanks to the Fidlock concept, the SNAP helmet buckle can be opened by simply sliding laterally – only with two fingers. Even gloves don’t prevent a quick and effortless one-handed operation.

Illustration of replacement pads for a safety helmet.


More than almost any other wearable, helmets create a warm environment. This can lead to bacteria growth, which can lead to all kinds of problems. Our Ionic+ materials disrupt cell division and replication processes, leaving the fabric clean of microbes and making the STUDSON helmet the safest even when there is no accident.