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Construction | twICEme Technology integrates its digital solution into American safety helmet.

October 6, 2020

With the vision of creating life-saving head protection, the American brand STUDSON will integrate twICEme Technology into their upcoming safety helmets. The partnership will thereby set the path for the international expansion of twICEme Technology with the aim of building a global standard of easily accessible vital info.

A pioneering vision with endless potential

One in five worker deaths in the US occurs in the construction sector, and the implementation of safety and health programs accounts for 2,5% of the project costs whereas construction site injuries account for 6-9%. Yet, concrete measures haven’t been taken in the industry to the extent as needed. Since the hard hat was invented in 1919, very little innovation within the field of head protection has occurred compared to other industries like biking and snow sports. 

“I couldn’t be more excited about our partnership with twICEme Technology! This is just one more important step in our mission to deliver the safest & most innovative industrial safety helmet and possibly save lives while reducing the severity of accidents in the construction industry and industrial trades”, says Ryan Barnes, the CEO of STUDSON.

STUDSON was founded by former veterans within the outdoor industry, who saw an opportunity to bring a higher level of materials and innovation to an industry they felt was lacking. With the mission of saving lives and reducing the severity of accidents, STUDSON aims to drive a change, along with innovation in the construction industry by developing the safest head protection in the market.

A safety helmet equipped with twICEme Technology

In a market where safety and preparations are key, the new STUDSON helmet offers better protection both on impact, but it also enables a wider approach to safety. Whether a worker suffers a blow to the head, falls off scaffolding, or becomes unconscious or unable to clearly articulate, the helmet now becomes a tool to help in a multitude of accidents. The helmet will have an innovative solution that adds impact protection and twICEme Technology adds access to vital information about a person that can reduce lead times in the emergency response. The result is a safety helmet designed to help in as many scenarios as possible and to create the largest value possible if something were to happen. 

Momentum in the construction industry

Increased awareness of the large numbers of accidents on construction sites, together with a more open-minded approach towards more innovative and safer PPE has resulted in great interests from equipment producers. Partnering with the safety pioneer STUDSON, will be the starting point of an international expansion of making equipment smarter and safer.

Fast time to market 

The discussions with STUDSON started in late spring 2020 and since then, the teams have worked hard to finish up the first editions of the upcoming safety helmet. The helmet is now set to be available in January 2021. Before the dialogue with STUDSON started, twICEme Technology was first introduced in the construction segment by the Swedish frontrunner Guardio. Having a twICEme Technology integration, the safety helmet Armet is world-leading in PPE, resulting in much praise from an innovation point of view. With a timeline from idea to the shelves in just three months, the time-to-market of integrating twICEme Technology enables fast expansion towards becoming a global standard and has been well met by equipment producers.

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