Miron Construction Invests in STUDSON Type II Safety Helmets to Improve Project Site Safety Reading Ryan Barnes Interviewed by Equipment World | June 14, 2024 2 minutes

By: Bryan Furnace, Lawson Rudisill

The typical hard hat worn by construction workers hasn’t had a design change in over 100 years, and it only protects the top of of the head – if it stays on.

In contrast, sports head gear has undergone major innovations to provide better insulation and protect wearers from falls and being struck. Our guest on this episode of The Dirt shows that the same technology from the sports world is now available for construction workers.

Ryan Barnes, founder and CEO of Studson Inc., borrowed from snow skiing and bicycling to develop a safety helmet that not only protects the top of the head, but the front, sides and back. It also has a chin strap to keep it on in case the wearer falls.

Barnes notes that 25% of deaths in construction are caused by traumatic brain injury, and that falls from 6 feet or higher can cause a hard hat to fall off before impact. And even if the hard hat stays on, it only protects the crown.

To find out how this new type of helmet can revolutionize head safety in the construction industry, check out the latest episode of The Dirt.

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Originally featured on equipmentworld.com.